Great Bend Coop Association
            Formed in 1959, the Great Bend Coop has 7 locations and provides fuel, feed, fertilizer, chemical, farm and home products, and seed as well as grain facilities. We employee 80 full time employees. Our Fourth General Manager Frank Riedl has been with the company for over 25 years and has served as our accountant as well as our General Manager the past 12 years. Our Operations Manager and Assistant General Manager is Dennis Neeland. Our department managers are very well known in their respected industries. Marvin Rose our Agronomy department has over 30 years of experience. John Sullivan is our Office manager/ Financial officer. He has been with the Great Bend coop the past 14 years. Matt Penka is our Grain merchandiser and feed mill manager. He has been with the Great Bend Coop for the past 28 years. Shelley Robinson manages our Ampride convenience store for the past 23 years as well as managing the fuel for the other 3 fueling locations. Jeff Mauler is our seed department manager. 
            We have branch managers with years of knowledge and experience. Alan Schneweis is our Ellinwood branch manager and area manager of the eastern division. Alan has been with the Great Bend Coop for over 20 years. Doug Crook is our area manager for the western division. Starting as the branch manager for our Seward branch, he now is in charge of the vast majority of grain movement in and out for our company. Rod Cushenberry is our Albert branch manager and has been with the Great Bend Coop for 18 years. Clayton McAllister is our Radium branch manager. He has been with the Great Bend Coop the past 12 years. John Falk is our Pawnee Rock branch manager for the past 7 years. Ed McLeish is our Seward branch manager. He has been with the company for 10 years.
         Employees are one of our strongest asset’s, however, we have updated our grain facilities, fueling centers and agronomy departments over the last years. Over 12 million dollars worth of capital outlay has been spent and more is expected. Our grain handling capacity is over 8 million bushels and we can hold nearly 70,000 gallons of fuel. In 2013 we built a new 11,000 ton or 2 million gallons liquid fertilizer plant that is operational 24 hours a day for our customer’s convenience and ease of use.   More expansion is occurring in the grain handling, with new construction at our Boyd facility adding nearly another 500,000 bushel storage and more addition and construction is on the way.
            The past 56 years have been full of trials and successes. As we continue to move forward in the technology driven era, our employees and the knowledge that they bring will serve as the driving force to our future success. Our service we provide to our customers is what we strive to be unmatched in. Although we have our share of challenges, we put our customer’s satisfaction first, and for the most part are very successful at. With the help of all of our employees and customers the next 56 years will be better yet.


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