The Agronomy Department at Great Bend Co-op handles a full line of crop nutrient and crop protection products with the needed support services to help the producer be more successful.  We apply over 450,000 acres per year, with the goal of getting to each field at our earliest opportunity.  We utilize a central dispatcher to dispatch our application equipment from our Great Bend and Russell facilities. We also have warehouse storage and fertilizer available other branches including Radium, Susank, Albert, Ellinwood, Pawnee Rock, and Dorrance.

Unlike many other cooperatives, we offer a full-service crop consulting program. With five agronomists and an agronomist assistant on staff, we cover over 40,000 contacted scouting acres. This sets us apart from the competition and allows us to better inform the customer of his current crop. We are out in the fields weekly allowing us to listen and keep in contact with the producer to address his or her needs and concerns.

Nutrient Stabilizers

With input costs on the rise, producers are looking for the best options to improve return on investment. Nutrients tend to be one of the higher inputs on most crops, so what can we do to protect that investment?  Weather, soil type, and farming practices are big factors in nutrient loss. Click on the button below to learn more about nutrient loss pathways and stabilizer options. 

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Chemical Pricing Structure

We are now offering a three different pricing options for select chemicals, including herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides, offered at Great Bend Co-op. We understand that our farmers and their operations are all different, so we wanted to offer a little something for everyone.

The pricing tiers are as follows: 
Charge Price
Carry Out Price
Wholesale Price

For more details on the three pricing tiers, please click the link below. 

Chemical Tier Details

Ask An Agronomist

Ask an Agronomist is an interactive tab that allows our customers to submit questions concerning a wide range of topics such as; what is the best bind weed killer or when should I apply fungicide?

Once questions are submitted, the agronomy manager sends it to the agronomist who is best suited to help the customer and they get a response the same day.

Aerial Application

The Great Bend Co-op offers a full line of aerial application which includes herbicide, insecticide, or fungicide application. Our aerial service also offers an option of applying dry fertilizer by air. 

If the need arises for aerial application we can get the work order entered in the system for the application to be applied and then the invoicing is done in our office. The aerial application is an excellent tool to utilize.

Agronomy Team

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