Great Bend Co-op Agronomy Weekly - Hybrid Selection

Across our territory, field conditions and soil types vary dramatically. Fields our producers farm can range from very sandy, very low pH ground to high clay content, high pH ground in a relatively small distance. The staff at Great Bend Co-op understand the challenges that having such variability can cause. Due to different technology traits and wide range of genetic differences combined with the different crop rotations and soil types, hybrid selection can seem like a very daunting task. By utilizing our numerous test plots, WinField United® Answer Plots®, response charts, and agronomic knowledge, we can help you choose the best hybrid to fit each acre.

The Great Bend Coop has extensive plot work and collected local data for 20 years and with the expansion of our research plots in 2018, we are now looking at hundreds of different data points across hybrids/varieties, fertility, seed treatments, plant dates, and crop protection. The trials are replicated and standardized to give true benchmarking of how each hybrid or treatment performs in given conditions. This data is gives us the ability to accurately place the correct seed with the utmost confidence. The huge amount of plot information helps us better locate the variety and hybrid that best fits your farm, soil type and management practice.

WinField United® hosts multiple Answer Plot® locations across the nation. These are replicated data trials including hybrids, nutrient application and timing, crop protection, and adjuvant trials. They currently have one located near St. John that helps bring us local data also. Using the data from the Answer Plots, WinField United® has created charts that give offer response to population, response to nitrogen, and response to fungicide scores for each hybrid that they have tested. These charts are beneficial for placing your seed on the correct acre.

Utilizing our in-house plots, Answer Plots®, and response charts, along with the knowledge our staff has built over years of service, we can help you make the best decision when it come to seed and hybrid selection and placement.