Great Bend Co-op Agronomy Weekly - December 3, 2018

Vernalization of winter wheat is a critical step in the process for the plant to produce grain. Vernalization as defined is the induction of a plant’s flowering process by the exposure to prolonged periods of cold weather. Wheat will NOT flower unless it is vernalized. The process typically requires day time temperatures to be below fifty degrees Fahrenheit for three to eight weeks.

With later than normal planting dates this year there is one big question. Will my wheat have time to vernalize? The answer in short is yes. Although, there are some factors to take into consideration. Length of vernalization is also variety dependent; meaning some varieties may require a longer or shorter time to vernalize. A few things we have on our side is that the seed does not need to germinate to begin to vernalization process. However, at minimum the seed needs to absorb moisture and swell, followed by the exposure to cool temperatures for a period of time.

2018 Fall Harvest Report - Milo continues to come in at several locations when the ground is dry enough to get across. Recent heavy snow and rain have fields saturated and also knocked a lot of milo over.