Great Bend Co-op Agronomy Weekly - November 26, 2018

Lately, it seems like the word “sustainable” has been getting thrown around in conversations regarding farming and ranching operations. Today’s consumers are hit with a myriad of information concerning the goods and services they are purchasing. However, the usefulness and factuality of that information is often questionable at best.

With the majority of the population being multiple generations removed from the family farm, understanding of farming practices is dwindling quickly. The average American is now at least 3 generations removed from the farm and farm and ranch families make up only 2% of the population. Farmers and ranchers wear the hats of economist, environmentalist, animal caregiver, and many others while facing constant scrutiny from the rest of the world for simply trying to own and operate their family business. Farmers are, by and large, a humble group who choose to put their head down and focus on getting the job done; often leaving someone else to tell their story. We, at Great Bend Co-op, understand that our producers are already practicing sustainable farming and want to help get that story out to the public.

Your partners at Great Bend Co-op have chosen to collaborate with Land O’Lakes Sustain® to help our producers with a way to tell their story to the rest of the world. Data driven insights allow us to help growers tell the story of how they are the ultimate stewards of the land. Sustain® is a platform that helps keep records of the environmentally friendly practices our customers are doing to help keep the land, water, and air clean and productive so that they can hand the family farming operation down to future generations.

Ask about getting enrolled in our Sustain program today!
Crop Report: Wheat throughout the area is continuing to grow on these warmer days, replanted wheat is slow to emerge however. Starting to see cheat throughout the area, fall products need to be applied while we still have warm conditions during the day.
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