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Keep Volunteer Wheat in Check for Disease Control

Sep 24, 2018

Corn harvest continues throughout our area. Grain is coming in dry with good test weights. Yields have been average to good from most reports. We are beginning to fill bunkers at Radium and Pawnee Rock to open up elevator storage for our patrons.
Soybeans in the area range from harvest ready to still dropping leaves. Our southern locations are starting to take in soybeans, while our northern locations have not received any soybeans to date. Soybean yields are average to good from most reports.
Double Crop Soybeans are reaching Full Seed Fill to early Yellow Pod. Still using moisture on the warmer, windy days. Continue monitoring grasshoppers on field edges.
Grain Sorghum varies in growth stage throughout the area, from milk kernel to early black layer. Harvest of earlier planted milo is underway and our western and northern locations have received about 68,800 bushels so far.
Alfalfa - any newly planted alfalfa should be carefully monitored for grasshoppers and cutworms, some fields in the area are being sprayed now for these pests. New Round-Up Ready alfalfa should be sprayed for non-RR plants and volunteer small grains and grass this fall.
Considerations for the upcoming near future:
Volunteer wheat can harbor disease and insects that may cause problems in wheat planted this fall. Control volunteer and other grasses to break the “green bridge” or time that green plants are present when or before new wheat or small grains emerge this fall.

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