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Scouting Report - June 3rd, 2019

Jun 03, 2019

Alfalfa – First cutting being taken throughout the area. New growth looking good so far.

Wheat – Wheat is in late flowering to early grain fill stage. Seeing more drown out areas in fields as the wheat starts to die in those areas.   

Corn – Corn ranges anywhere from not planted to 6 leaf stage. If your corn has is reaching the V5 stage, consider applying your second shot of residual herbicide. Even if there are few or no weeds, the efficacy of the first shot of PRE will start to wear off soon. Applying fungicide with this application can help improve and protect plant health through the vital early stages of growth.  Five Leaf Stage is also a good time to have tissue tests pulled to see about any deficiencies in the plant.  

Soybeans – Starting to see a lot of soybeans being planted/drilled in the area. Earlier planted soybeans are emerging. Watch fields for weed pressure, PRE herbicides may be pushed below the upper seed bank.

Burndown Treatments – With recent rains, fallow or open ground is starting to green up. Starting to see a lot of crabgrass and a few pigweeds emerging. Weed control is most effective when weeds are 4” or smaller, so monitor these acres closely and plan to treat accordingly.

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