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We understand that your seed choice is only one part of your farming operation. However, we feel that all of your other farming choices are made based on your seed and seed trait selection. Be it your crop rotation, fertility, herbicide program, crop protection, and overall farm management. It all starts with your seed choice.

The Great Bend Co-op is determined to help maximize your return on your farming operations investment, through extensive research and studies along with in plot and in field experience of each hybrid and variety. There are many choices available, but we scrutinize each hybrid and variety to assure you will be as successful as possible. Not just for today, but for generations to come.

2019 Seed Guide

Great Bend Co-op Local Plot Results

Great Bend Co-op takes pride in providing local data on the hybrids/varieties we offer. Each year we put out numerous plots across different soil types and farming practices to help understand how the crop will respond under various conditions. This data allows us to help make the most informed decision on how to place a variety/hybrid on your acre and provide the best return on investment.

2018 Plot Book

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