Conservation and Sustainability


We have a deep understanding that farmers are the original conservationists who naturally practice sustainability each and every day. The producers natural goal is to own land that continues to be profitable now and far into the future. While it may not have always been labeled "sustainable", producers have been utilizing innovative practices for reducing erosion, applying only necessary fertilizer and pesticide, and implementing newly emerging technology such as water probes to reduce water waste for many years. These trends toward innovation not only improve the ROI on an acre, but also naturally increase the longevity of the farm. 

At Great Bend Co-op, our Sustainability Promise is:
Sustainability is understanding that the livelihood and profitability of our grower owners is imperative to our mutual success. Our focus is on utilizing conservation, precision, and innovation to improve profitability and longevity for future generations, while improving our affect on the environment. 


Utilizing the Truterra Insights Engine™ from Truterra®, Great Bend Co-op customers can benchmark current practices that qualify as conservation and environmentally sustainable. This program provides growers with a Sustainability Score. With that score, producers can view optional changes that they might implement to improve the longevity of their farm while also maintaining or increasing profitability across their farm.

Truterra™ provides insights on how acres with a historically negative ROI might qualify for NRCS or State programs. These programs may offer environmentally friendly solutions to provide habitat for pollinators or other wildlife and avoid wasting inputs in areas that are not returning as farm ground. This information can be used to start the conversation with your local NRCS or conservation district.

Proud Partnerships

At the Great Bend Co-op, we believe in providing the best for our customers. That's why we partner with local and national organizations to bring the best programs and funding available to our conservation minded producers. 

Our Partners:

  • Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism
  • Kansas Water Office
  • Kansas Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Soil and Water Conservation Society
  • Pheasants Forever
  • Truterra


Conservation Agronomy Services at Great Bend Co-op are availabile to help you navigate through the process of integrating conservation practices on your operation.

Whether you are looking to enter into government based programs through the Natural Resources Conservation Service, or a more localized approach through Kansas Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism, or just interested in options without funding, we are here to offer guidance to help you make an informed decision.  Learn About NRCS Programs Here

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture may sound like a sci-fi movie title, but it is an attainable process for increasing profit and return on investment while protecting and preserving our most precious natural resources. 

Through implementing innovative concepts such as cover crops, nutrient management, irrigation scheduling, and rotational grazing, growers are able to increase pofitability per acre while preserving natural soil health, moisture, and natural weed suppression. 

Watershed Programs

Working with Kansas State University, Great Bend Co-op strives to provide timely information on programs available to our producers who have impact on watersheds.