Great Bend Co-op News

    Wheat Protein Premium for 2022
    Jun 06, 2022 |
    New for Wheat Harvest 2022 - Wheat Protein Premium at Settlement on Qualifying Grain
    Great Bend Co-op Signs Letter of Intent to Merge with Farmers Co-op of Carmen (OK)
    Apr 06, 2022 |
    The Boards of Directors of Great Bend Co-op (KS) and Farmers Co-op of Carmen (OK) are excited to announce that they have signed a letter of intent to pursue a study to determine if a merger/unification of the two cooperatives would be beneficial for the member-owners.
    Announcing the Formation of the Cooperative Supply and Service Alliance (CSSA)
    Mar 01, 2022 |
    Following the Sixth Cooperative Principle “Cooperation Among Cooperatives,” The Great Bend Co-op (Great Bend, KS) and The Cooperative Grain and Supply Company (Bazine, KS) are pleased to announce the formation of the Cooperative Supply and Service Alliance (CSSA...
    Great Bend Co-op Donates $30,000 to Wildfire Relief Programs
    Feb 01, 2022 |
    Great Bend Co-op is honored to donate a total of $30,000 back to our communities as part of the Wildfire Relief efforts after the devestating fires of December 15th, 2021. The $20,000 contribution from Great Bend Co-op was partially matched by funds from Cenex (CHS) of $10,000...
    Last Chance for the 2022 Truterra® Carbon Program
    Jan 26, 2022 |
    Don't miss out on your opportunity to participate in the 2022 Truterra® Carbon Program. The deadline to take the survey is February 1st, 2022.   
    Carbon Program Pays Off For Great Bend Co-op Growers
    Dec 21, 2021 |
    As your local Truterra® aligned cooperative in Central Kansas, Great Bend Co-op was able to return over $625,000.00 in Carbon Offset Credit dollars to our growers for implementation of sustainable farming practices on their acres. This was over 15% of the total TrucCarbon...

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    Jun 28, 2022 | Answer Plot
    You can purchase the right equipment, seed and inputs to set your season up for success, but you can’t control the weather. Navigating the challenges of Mother Nature is one of the trickiest parts of farming. This is especially true when it comes to managing crops through...
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    6 Disease Management Tips for Corn and Soybeans
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    Maximize Plant Health at Key Growth Stages
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    Plant health is a lofty term that gets tossed around a lot in agronomic conversations. However, when you have a clear definition and actionable strategies, maximizing plant health becomes a very real and important way to help your crop reach closer to their genetic potential...
    Take Action Against Thrips in Cotton
    May 26, 2022 | Answer Plot
    During the hustle and bustle of planting season, it’s easy to overlook early-season pests that could cause season-long damage to your cotton crop. Thrips, in particular, require proactive management that starts at planting. Follow these actionable tips to protect your crop’s...