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Corn Seed Treatments & Nutrient Management

Apr 16, 2021

As corn planting season approaches, read below about the top three seed treatments recommended by Great Bend Co-op and about protecting your nutrient investment. 

Weather conditions during planting are rarely perfect. Often it is either too cold, too wet, too warm, or too dry. Early seed vigor and quick emergence are key to a successful crop season. Did you know that until about V4, a corn plant is relying on the carbohydrates in the seed for growth?

Seed Treatments from Great Bend Co-op:
  • Quad 1
  • Ascend SL
  • SEED+ Graphite

Quad 1

Quad 1 is a combination of the industry’s leading biological and plant growth regulators and stimulants. It aids in getting your corn crop off to a quick start, improving emergence as well as helping your crop with nutrient uptake throughout the growing season.

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Acsend SL Plant Growth Regulator

Ascend® SL plant growth regulator contains an optimal combination of three EPA registered plant growth regulators designed to provide vigorous early plant germination and emergence, a robust root system, larger leaves and wider stems.

Learn more about Ascend HERE


SEED+ Graphite

Developed with Cytozyme proprietary technology, SEED+™ GRAPHITE is a nutritional seed treatment that improves germination, crop emergence, seedling vigor, and plant tolerance under abiotic stress, leading to higher yields. With multiple modes of action, SEED+ GRAPHITE gives the crop a strong foundation for any growing season. A unique blend of talc + graphite enables excellent seed lubricity and placement through multiple planter delivery systems. SEED+ GRAPHITE is certified for organic use.
  • Is a dry powder formulation for on-farm application to seed in the planter box.
  • ​Provides essential nutrients for development of strong roots and shoots.
  • Supports root hair growth.
  • Helps seedlings survive harsh environmental conditions.

Learn More about Seed+ Graphite HERE

You spend a lot of money on nutrients each season, what are you doing to protect it from environmental losses? With big spring rains can come big nutrient losses to leaching and runoff. As temperatures warm on damp soils, volatilization becomes a bigger issue as well. Protect from above and below ground losses by treating your nitrogen with one of our protective products.


Anvol from KOCH

With two active ingredients working in tandem, ANVOL gets to work faster and provides a longer duration of protection from nitrogen loss through volatilization.
Above, below, above & below, or slow release fertilizer additives can help keep your Nitrogen Use Effeciency where it needs to be. We have products for above ground volotility control with Agrotain and below ground safety with Centuro also.


Nutrisphere N from Verdisian Life Sciences

Keep more nitrogen available for plant uptake and minimize N loss. At Great Bend Coop, we carry and support the Nutrisphere brand of nitrogen stabilizers for preplant and in-season use on dry and liquid nitrogen products. These products help contribute to higher yield potential and may reduce the amount of nitrogen that winds up in surface or groundwater through runoff and leaching.

For more information on any of these products, reach out to your Great Bend Co-op Salesperson today. 

To read about early season weed control, CLICK HERE.


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