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Introducing Merchant Ag, Our New Accounting System

Feb 25, 2021

Great Bend Co-op is excited to announce that we are switching our accounting system to Merchant Ag beginning March 1st, 2021.

This change will bring improved communications among our internal processes and departments. Our employees have been working through training in-person and remotely and are looking forward to utilizing the new program.

While most of the changes will only affect Great Bend Co-op behind the scenes, our growers will see a couple changes as well:
Beginning with your March Statement (delivered early April), expect a new and improved statement format.  This new format will be easier to read and understand. As always, if you have questions about your statement, we are more than happy to walk through it with you.

Online access to accounts will be changing. When the time comes, we will send out information on how to sign up for online access to your account through Merchant Ag. The new account access is expected to be very user friendly.

FieldAlytics is another component of this system update. Our agronomy, seed, and precision ag departments will utilize FieldAlytics for planning, scouting, crop reports, and more. This program will help improve communication between our staff and the growers. The scouting segment will allow for more detailed reporting on your fields. FieldAlytics works seamlessly with the accounting portion of Merchant ag, helping eliminate the need for multiple entries of the same information.

We ask that you please be patient with us as we make this transition. There will inevitably be some challenges as we work through such a large change, but our employees are up to the task and excited to have a new and improved system to work with. Thank you in advance!
Check back on our website and social media for more updates!

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